• 2021-01-12

4 golden rules of washing machine care

4 golden rules of washing machine care
For modern housewives, the washing machine is the number one gadget in the house. It is estimated that this laborious technique saves 110 hours, which in the modern era can be spent studying one profession.

Today we will talk about proper maintenance of the washing machine. five rules, which we mention, your assistant will remain as effective as the many years of its appearance today.

Placing linen
Experts warn: Even if you have accumulated a whole mountain of laundry, the car drum should not be overloaded. Overloading of the internal reservoir may result in a lack of damping. The washing process is better to divide into stages between which it is better to rest the machine for at least half an hour.

On the other hand, washing in very small batches is not an option as then the electricity and water resources will be wasted inefficiently. How do we find the golden mean between loading and unloading?

If you are washing cotton or linen linen you can fill the washing machine drum almost to the brim
If you wash synthetic fabrics, fill only halfway
The wool of the norm of a third drum.

2. "Face Control" of clothes

Make it a rule to check pockets, cuffs, and folds of clothing before each wash. When washing, a cotton swab, a coin, a stationery scraper or just a button can become a problem. Even a small, harmless scrap can cause the washing machine heater (moisture) to crack. Do not forget the soft sacks for washing lingerie. The small metal elements of the bra are the unspoken enemies of the washing machine.

3. Take care of the interior elements of the car
The powder tray needs periodic cleaning, ideally if it is cleaned after each "big" wash. This detail is very easy to clean, just take it out, in different models there is a special button, and rinse with warm water.

periodically to browse to the laundry stuck to discover small items.

It is necessary to leave the car door open for some time after washing to avoid condensation and therefore unpleasant odor.

Finally, from time to time you should turn on the empty machine in high temperature washing mode, and use a special bug liquid, Avnit, which ensures the removal of water deposits from the internal elements of the machine. It also neutralizes unpleasant odors.

4. The most important rule: read the instructions

If the washing machine is a new appliance in your home, do not be lazy and browse the instruction booklet. If you leave this little document unattended, you may never know about the useful features of the device.

By following these simple rules, you can extend the life of your washing machine and make it work efficiently for many years to come.

4 golden rules of washing machine care